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July 22nd, 2010, 03:51 PM
For Sale...........

428 Service block...Std. bore 4.13
8....C6AE-B Pistons 428 std. size
8....C7AE-B Rods
1....1968/1969 428 crank 1 U 10/10 3.98 stroke cast
The block is not assembled
$1500.00 for the block with the pistons, rods and crank

I have a set of C8OE-N heads...Date code 8L11 and 8L13 for sale
No valves and springs presently installed $800.00

I have a 428 CJ cast iron intake(all 78 pounds) for sale Date code 8H8

I will sell the short block, not assembled, the heads and the intake for
Cash only, no pay pal, no credit card, no checks, no cashier checks...
You pick up at my address.....

I also have the correct timing chain cover for a 428 CJ which I would
throw in to anyone buying the block, heads and intake...

I have 2 of the 428 SCJ hatchets for the 428 cranks Part #D9TE6359-AA
$150.00 each

I have a Holley 4 bbl. carb for a 1967 Mustang 320 HP 390 GTA numbers
on the carb #C7OF-9510-B List 3794 $500.00 for the carb

If interested in any of the parts mentioned above...contact me
SOL STEWART.... T_Pet@bellsouth.net