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gaylonrolison 05-13-2017 11:08 AM

BTE KOC Series Event 2 May 5-7 Race Results
BTE KOC Event 2 Race Results
Gulfport Dragway-Gulfport, MS
Friday Night Gambler's Race
WIN-Justin Albritton
R/U-Larry Seguin

Out the Gate Ghost Race
WIN-Jason Sandrock
R/U-Justin Albritton

Jr. Dragster 8 & 9
WIN-Zack Pearce
R/U-Corbin Walker

Jr. Dragster 10-12
WIN-Matthew Barone
R/U-Landon Sampey

Jr. Dragster 13-17
WIN-Jordan Broussard
R/U-Bryce Stansbury

Pro Electronics
WIN-Matt Richard
R/U-Russell Truitt
Wild Card Winner-Rodney Brown

Pro Footbrake
WIN-MIchael Payne
R/U-James Brewer
Wild Card Winner-John Vance

WIN-Michael Wellman
R/U-Greg Bunch
Wild Card Winner-MIchael Wellman

Great American Bracket Race Gamblers
WIN-Wayne Henry-WIN WEEKEND ENTRY to Great American Bracket Race
R/U-David Burnaman

Footbrake 150 + 50 Gamblers Race
WIN-Greg Bunch-Earns Weekend Entry to Footbrake 150 + 50
R/U-Larry Seguin-Earns $100 Pre-Entry to Footbrake 150 + 50

Jr. Dragster 8&9
WIN-Zsck Pearce
R/U-Corbin Walker

Jr. Dragster 10-12
WIN-Jace Sandrock
R/U-Gage Jacobs

Jr. Dragster 13-17
WIN-Bradley Darby
R/U-Will Carroll

Pro Footbrake
WIN-Matt Nowling
R/U-David Barone
Wild Card Winner-Aaron Hill

Pro Electronics
WIN-Brandon Jernigan 17 Years Old
R/U-Wyatt Sproles 16 Years Old
Wild Card Winner-Kenny Kelly

WIN-Jerry Rogers
R/U-Josh Ducet
Wild Card Winner-Michael Wellman

KOC Banquet Special Awards
Person of the Year-Greg Bunch
Sportsman of the Year-Chad Craft
Newcomer of the Year-Shallon Broussard
Family of the Year-Wes Neely and Family
Jr. Dragster Drivers of the Year-Rebecca and Kacee Guedry

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