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03-14-2017, 11:47 AM
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Mark White
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I'm still around. I just mostly never log in, just come by an read the comments. On some of these topics a few of y'all do keep it interesting alittle though. Y'all just need to do it more often I see Mr Glenn still gets under some of yalls skin, and vice versa Lol!!! I can remember back in the day on here you could get a topic going and have nearly 100 replies in a day. You just had to know who's buttons to push and how far to take it before it got outa hand. . I can even remember a few folks wanting to get up a pose' and go hunt down a dude from up in North Alabama I think it was. I forget his name, but he sure had some folks on here wanting to whoop his tail. Lol!!! Y'all take care.
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