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05-05-2017, 10:28 AM
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Drop it Billy.... That's all you can say about Auburn winning a NC....Is that not saying enough? What part of don't you understand Auburn won the NC and nothing I or anyone else can say can take it away from them. I have said it before and I'll repeat it...if BAMA can't win the NC I had rather Auburn win it than anyone else.

Auburn said it had no contact with Rogers while recruiting Newton and "was in no way involved with offering or considering an offer of any recruiting inducement." Where did Auburn get that Quote from Bill Clinton?

"Despite numerous media reports suggesting Newton himself has engaged in wrongdoing, the facts clearly demonstrate Newton has done nothing wrong," Auburn told the NCAA.
You are right about the media you can no longer believe a word they say!

You don't believe everything you read do you? Why has the $1000000 question never been asked why was Scam Newton benched while Teeboo got all the playing time? It is beyond clear who is the better QB of the two.

I have told you before where I get some of my Auburn info. from that's sometimes right and sometimes not so right... and the word from that source says Auburn JR College transfer could turn out to be good as Cam Newton he didn't have the right Coach's at the JR College! But the source says he hasn't showed it yet but the source thinks he will show it before the season starts.

And I can assure you BAMA will have another good season.
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