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05-06-2017, 10:58 AM
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Ask and you shall receive! Most times I post pictures of it just to get people cranked up its been to quite in here lately.

PS I don't know if there are many fisherman on here but Lake West Point both AL & GA sides have some good fishing they have a Big Bass Fishing Tournament with ESPN at least once a year if not twice its about 10-12 miles up the road from where I live and Lake Harding(back water) about 5-6 mile below from me has some good fishing. I used to fish but no more but go up to Lake West Point where I make a lot of pictures to the beach and the other places where you can grill,swim or fish. Most people around AL & GA don't even know about it but its very nice.

PS its also a very nice place to go Cruzin around at on the weekend.
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