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04-06-2017, 09:37 PM
: Sep 2015
: 46
President Trump-Our Leader with GUTS

It made me feel good after I heard on t.v. that President Trump ordered our military to carry out a strike on the Syrian Military Base in response to the barbaric attack on civilian men, women, boys, and girls with chemical weapons. I am also proud that we have a president who is not afraid to speak the Name...God... in his speech, even though he may not be a born again believer (I am not the judge of his heart).
I am convinced (at least for now), that President Trump is putting forth an effort to protect America from the spread of terrorist activity from reaching this country from other countries, and from terrorist that are already here. We really need our allies to step up and participate in the fight against evil dictators of this world that only live to kill and destroy innocent people's lives and their families.

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